A historic event in the energy sector 31. 10. 2023

A historic event in the energy sector

Today we had the unique opportunity to witness a historic moment for energy and sustainability in the Czech Republic. Solar Global has just introduced the production of the first green hydrogen in our country and as Cylinders Holding we were of course there.

Of course, we could not have arrived at this important event except in our Toyota Mirai, the first hydrogen car in the Czech Republic, driven by Vítkovice Cylinders CEO Vladimír Šiška. It was a pleasure for us to bring our Mirai to this event and show that hydrogen mobility is a reality in our country.

When the CEO of Cylinders Holding, Janu Světlík, found out that the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic, Mrs. Markéta Pekarová, had never driven a hydrogen car before, he immediately decided to take advantage of this opportunity to personally give her a tour of the premises. It was an exceptional meeting that showed how hydrogen technology can reach even the highest political representatives.

We are thrilled to see that hydrogen is gaining more and more support from even the most senior political figures in the Czech Republic. This commitment to promoting sustainable energy sources is crucial for the future of our country. As Cylinders Holding, we are ready to continue to provide innovative hydrogen storage solutions and support the development of this technology in the Czech Republic.

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