New lightweight cylinder on the market 4. 9. 2023

New lightweight cylinder on the market

The main goal of Cylinders holding is to supply safe seamless cylinders to customers and to continuously innovate them. Nowadays it is increasingly important to use all the resources we have as efficiently as possible. This applies both to us as a manufacturer and to our customers. Thanks to the possibilities of today's modern technology, we have been able to develop completely new and lightweight cylinders for all technical gases. For some of them we have been able to reduce their weight by more than 20%. For our customers, this has a positive effect on both the quantity of gas transported and the price. We want to meet as much as possible all our customers' requirements for the lightweighting of type 1 cylinders. They all feature the highest quality workmanship with unrivalled delivery times and quality. As an example, our two new cylinders are probably the most sought after on the market. We were able to lighten our 50L hydrogen cylinders to a weight of only 76kg, and we were even able to get the most common 10L cylinders to a weight of only 10.5kg. If the customer uses these types for example for gas transportation, our cylinder will allow them a much faster return on investment by saving a lot on the total cost of the cylinder and the volume transported. We will continue to showcase all our new innovative products at trade fairs next year as well as on our social media and website!  So follow us to find out more!

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