Successful participation at PETROL STATION in Warsaw and AICD in Dallas 24. 5. 2023

Successful participation at PETROL STATION in Warsaw and AICD in Dallas

The PETROL STATION international trade fair presented the latest global trends in technology, products and services as well as business solutions for the fuel and related industries. It is a place for exchanging information, knowledge and experience, establishing direct business contacts and presenting the latest solutions for the fuel, petrochemical and energy sectors, petrol stations, car washes, workshops, transport, shop and bar equipment. The PETROL STATION International Fair is an internationally renowned event featuring valued brands from leading domestic and international companies. Cylinders Holding was represented here by our Polish subsidiary Vítkovice Milmet.

The new Atlanta Cylinders company from the Cylinders Holding Group participated for the first time in the American Independent Compressor Distributors (AICD) trade show, which took place from 21 to 23 May in Dallas, Texas, United States. Cylinders Holding has been importing seamless steel cylinders to the US market for more than 25 years, so it is not a newcomer to this market. However, it wants to further develop its offer for customers there. The main objective of the group's presence at the fair was to present all the new solutions that have so far been directed to other global destinations. These include unique bundles for various types of industrial gases and hydrogen. This is the first trade show where Atlanta Cylinders has presented solutions for the storage and transportation of compressed gases in America. "We were part of a joint booth with Alkin Compressors, which already has experience with this particular trade show. On display at the booth was our unique bundle that we plan to manufacture in Atlanta, Georgia. We believe that our unique know-how caught the eye," added Marek Krygel, who represented Atlanta Cylinders directly at the fair.

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